The Only 10 Exercises Men Need to Bulk Up

The only 10 exercises men need to bulk up if you want to build muscle these are the only exercises you’ll ever need the best part is that these moves won’t only get you ripped but also give you better posture more strength more mobility and get you into your dream body in no time so get ready to learn about these seriously powerful moves and don’t forget to click the share button!

10 chest supported dumbbell rows

This is a great move that will force your body into the proper form and build muscle in your back and shoulders as a bonus it will also improve your posture set a bench at an incline lie face down against it with your arms straight down and one dumbbell in each hand squeeze your shoulder blades and move your elbows back to do the row pause for a moment and then return to the starting position make sure you don’t use momentum to complete the movement the best part of this move is that since your lower back doesn’t need to stabilize it allows you to work specifically on your upper back.

9 pull-ups

Doing pull-ups can be hard at first if you’re a beginner and struggling with them do as many as you can and then increase the repetitions as you develop strength pull-ups will mostly work on your lats and biceps and they will target your upper back and forearms to a lesser extent this move will give you the v-shape of wide shoulders and a smaller waist that so many men want to grab the pull-up bar with your palms facing away from you you should hold the bar with a very wide grip more than shoulder-width pull yourself up until your chest touches the bar then lower yourself in a controlled fashion without using momentum repeat the movement without putting your feet on the ground.

8 chin-ups chin-ups

Can be very similar to pull-ups as they work on the lats trapezius muscle and rhomboids the major difference is that chin-ups place more emphasis on the biceps grab the pull-up bar with your palms facing toward you with a grip that’s narrower than shoulder-width stick your chest out and create a small curve in your lower back exhale and pull yourself up so that your chin reaches the top of the bar as you do this keep your elbows close to your body lower yourself and exhale repeat the movement without touching the ground to make the exercise even more challenging you can use a dip belt.

7 dumbbell single arm row

If your arms are lacking in strength doing a single-arm row is a great way to begin your muscle-building journey place two dumbbells on each side of a flat bench put your right knee against the bench and bend your upper body forward until it’s parallel with the floor put your right arm against the bench to hold yourself in place reach for the dumbbell on the left side of the bench pull your left arm upkeeping it close to your body imagine someone’s pulling your elbow straight up to the ceiling the only thing that should move is your arm the rest of your body should be stationary this move will target your lats rhomboids lower traps rotator cuffs and your erector spinal muscles which helps straighten and rotate your back.

6 barbell squats

This is the best lower body exercise you can find a barbell squat will primarily work your quadriceps but it also targets your hamstrings calves glutes and even extends to your lower back the squat is the best move you can do if you want to increase testosterone compound movements like a basic squat with a barbell will work several muscles at once and the more muscles you work the more testosterone gets released into the bloodstream standing straight with the barbell behind you push your hips back and drop down into a squat your feet should be shoulder-width apart keep your heels flat on the floor don’t allow your knees to extend forward beyond your feet and don’t drop your chin keep your back straight and your chest up.

5 shoulder presses

You can do this exercise with a dumbbell or a barbell however if you really want to build muscle fast the barbell is the best choice this move will target your deltoids trapezius triceps and rotator-cuff muscles sit on a bench that has back support and lean back grab the barbell with your palms facing away from you and hold it just above your chest your grip should be wider than shoulder-width move the barbell up past your head until your arms are straight above your head lower the barbell down to your chin or the top of your chest and inhale at the same time then exhale as you lift the barbell one more time.

4 barbell bench presses

You also need to work on the front of your body and that’s what barbell chest presses accomplish fly down face up on a bench take the barbell from the rack with your palms facing away from you lift the barbell straight up over your chest and hold it with your arms locked inhale and bring the barbell down slowly until it touches your chest then exhale and lift the bar keeping it right above your nipple line this move will add definition to your chest muscles and build that big chest most men want to achieve with bodybuilding you can also set the bench at an incline for better comfort but a flat bench will work your chest muscles harder and promote more muscle growth.

3 barbell row

This exercise how the strength in your back and bulk you up it’s a challenging exercise to perform but if it’s done correctly it’sone of the most effective exercises out there this move will work your upper back lower back rhomboids biceps glutes core and hamstrings place your feet hip-width apart with the barbell over your feet bend over and grab the barbell your back should be flat your shoulders pulled down and back and your knees slightly bent drive your elbows back and start the row bring the barbell close to your stomach and then lower it in a controlled fashion past your knees now start over the most common mistake with this exercise is to bounce the barbell up and down letting momentum do the work.

2 deadlift

Adding deadlifts to your workout routine when you’re trying to build muscle is a no-brainer a deadlift forces you to use muscles in the front and back of your body it targets your lats rhomboids trapezius muscle lower back and it’s one of the few exercises that target your hamstrings directly this move will not only give you amazing muscles but will actually increase your physical strength start in the same position as the barbell row reach for the barbell and move your hips back as if they were a hinge as your hips move back to pull the barbell up and stand straight then lower it to the starting position you’re nervous and musculoskeletal systems will be hard at work so if you’re a beginner it’s best to pace yourself with this move at first.

1 power cleans

The name says it all this will require some power this is one of the most killer exercises you can find since it involves an explosive movement it will engage all the major muscles in your body quads core hamstrings gluts traps shoulders arms back and everything you can imagine this move will get your heart rate going and build a ton of muscle place your feet shoulder-width a part with your chest out your back straight and facing straight ahead bend down and lift the barbell up to your shins this is the starting position no was you stand up lift the barbell straight up while keeping it close to your body as the barbell moves closer toyour chest rotate your arms around andunder the barbell simultaneously dropinto a quarter squat position, now gently place the barbell against your chest right under your chin finally bend downand lower the barbell back to your shinsrepeat the movement keep in mind that ifyou’re a beginner trying out these exercises it’s best to start with lighter weights and work your way up to heavier ones so you can really focus on good form so tell us what are some of your favorite exercises for building muscles let us know don’t forget to share it with your friends.