The day CR7 survived the trap of the century

Time: Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Venue: A huge house in Madrid with a large gym and a football field.

Cristiano Ronaldo could not sleep after returning from a quick visit to his Brazilian friend Marcelo. Although the time is 12 o’clock, Don preferred to sit for a few minutes with his girlfriend Georgina in the garden, before telling her that he wanted to enter the gym in his house for light training.

Georgina noticed the signs of anxiety on Ronaldo’s face that he tries to kill with his insistence, as usual, so she decided to share her boyfriend’s performance tonight.

Ronaldo and Georgina cross the long corridor that connects the house to the gym without making a word for the Madeira rocket but looks defiantly before taking any step closer to training.

The two arrived at the lounge and Georgina went as usual to the “sport treadmill”, while Ronaldo decided to carry some heavyweights, which he kept raising and lowering for the most challenging times, keeping his silent face, and after 10 minutes of repeating the same practice began muttering Don “I will do it this time .. I will do it This time “until his voice rose.

Georgina: What’s wrong? And what will you do?

Ronaldo: I’m leaving Real Madrid.

Georgina: What about your contract with the club and your friends in Madrid?

Ronaldo: I will talk to Florentino Perez and I do not expect to reject it .. I am sure.

Georgina: How will you not refuse you and the star of the team and the reason for winning the Champions League in the last two seasons?

Ronaldo: I know Perez well. A commodity looking for a buyer.

Georgina: But Real are suffering this season in La Liga, so the decision to leave will confuse the cards until the end of the season, and some may challenge you to jump from the ship on its way to sink.

Ronaldo: I will not tell anyone except Perez of my decision, and I will promise him to pay the price.

Georgina: And what is the price?

Ronaldo: winning the Champions League for the third time in a row, if I return the cup from Kyiv, this will be the end of my story with Madrid.

Ronaldo completed his night training for another hour, but without talking, but he remembered a very important step: to inform his agent, Jorge Mendes of the fateful decision, to start acting with Perez and determine the next destination, so this was the first thing Cristiano will do the next morning after ending his training with the team .

Ronaldo went to sleep for seven hours, before moving towards the sporting city of Real Madrid, where Don fought his second strongest training shirt Merringi, there is no doubt that the strongest ever was his first training with the Royal Club, during which the Don wanted to prove that it is not a bubble coming from “Old Trafford. “

Everyone in the practice noticed what Don was doing as if he were a young player who was training for the first time with the first team and wanted to attract attention and highlight his abilities for everyone, as he participated in the split at the end of the training as if the final of the Champions League

After training, Ronaldo did not leave a chance to talk to his colleagues, he is the first to leave the sports city, and move towards the hotel where Mendes resides, so he decided to open his phone and call the Portuguese agent.

Ronaldo: Good morning, Jorge, may I meet you now?

Mendes: Good morning news I smell now… Finally agreed to the offer of Peres to renew.

Ronaldo: No, it’s not, but I’m leaving.

Seconds of silence struck one of the world’s biggest players’ agents, who despite scoring dozens of huge deals in Europe, was shocked by Ronaldo’s decision before regaining strength and continuing to talk.

Mendes: I will continue to have breakfast waiting for your arrival, because our talk about this may extend to dinner non-stop.

Ronaldo switched off the phone and kept thinking while driving to the hotel in the next destination, which may be the most difficult decision after the decision of the decision to leave Real Madrid.

Ronaldo arrived in the lobby and then saw Mendes sitting at a table out of sight with a Manchester United shirt.

Don approached the table to make sure that what he saw was not a visual illusion.

Ronaldo: Is that it?

 Mendes: Yes, it is the last shirt I gave me before leaving Manchester United .. I keep it so far and always put it in my bag while traveling between the two countries, it reminds me of Khaled’s achievement… It is the best deal in my history and perhaps in the history of football when I brought you to Madrid. Now is the time to take you back to Old Trafford.

Ronaldo: But I won’t come back.

Mendes was surprised more than the moment he heard Ronaldo’s decision to leave Real Madrid and then regrouped again, and said: If not Manchester, where to go?

Ronaldo: I’ve played so far in only two of the 3 greatest leagues in the world.

Mendes: What do you mean? You’re going to Italy?

Ronaldo: Yes, this is my final decision, but choosing the right destination will be your turn between Inter, Milan, and Juventus.

Mendes: So I will prepare my bags from now to travel .. I am on a date with the talks will not end before the start of the World Cup, but let me ask what prompted you to leave?

 Ronaldo: And what awaits me if I stay? Achieve more tournaments? I have won all the trophies I have played with Real Madrid and there is no point in adding more here. I am losing my enthusiasm and passion, and the fans have become angry with me because of the decline in our league results as if I spoiled the team. ? Does all this not push me to leave?

Mendes: Well, it looks like you’ve settled your mind.

Mendes has decided to start his talks with AC Milan, his closest club in Italy. He is a close friend of Rossoneri’s sporting director Mirabelli, then Inter will be the second destination, while any talk with Juventus will be postponed because he is the only club of the three to play. Champions and any leaking of negotiations may make the atmosphere in Madrid tense, especially if the two teams meet in the tournament.

The talks went on very positively between Mendes and Milan officials, which Mirabelle revealed to the press after his expulsion from the Rossoneri, as the Chinese owners of the club very much welcomed the deal, because Ronaldo is very popular in China, and this will serve the marketing matters heavily.

Mendez’s only fear that Ronaldo could move to AC Milan is that the club is far from the Champions League qualifiers next season, and by far a much closer presence in the Europa League, but has decided to put it all down.

Inter have closed the door to Mendez from the start, because the club is under the table of fair financial play, and remains under many restrictions in transactions for up to a year and a half.

Mendez returned to telephoning Ronaldo to inform him of the developments, having held two sessions with Inter and Milan officials.

Mendez: Inter close the door early unless you decide to cut your salary and Perez agrees to leave him in return for a small fee, while Milan welcomes you strongly, but the team may not participate in the Champions League next season.

Ronaldo: Close Inter file completely, Perez is not naive to let me leave before he achieved another record sale in the history of Real Madrid. As for Milan, I agree to play in the Europa League, this is the only club tournament I have not won yet.

According to the scenes that Mirabelle later revealed to the press, he reached a final agreement with Mendez, after the latter got Ronaldo’s approval.

Mirabelli sent a happy message to the Chinese administration that read, “I have Ronaldo in my hand,” but the Chinese response was a nightmare.

The Chinese have assured the sports director of Milan that the money that would have been used to settle Ronaldo’s deal no longer exists.

Fortunately for the Don, the Chinese default came early before the deal was settled, which later evolved into their failure to pay the club’s debts and consequently the loss of ownership to the creditor, the US Elliott Fund.

Milan entered the spiral of financial law immediately after the departure of the Chinese, and therefore could not support the team with super players, a promise given by Mirabelli to Don during the negotiations, but the fate saved the missile Madeira from the trap of the century early, to continue the chapters of the story we know well until Ronaldo crowned king On the throne of Turin during its final season.

This is just a scenario imagining all the scenes quoted from the news published by international newspapers about Cristiano Ronaldo in the last two years.

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