Nine scientific reasons why should you have a dog

If you’re thinking of welcoming a new furry friend into the family, you should consider being a dog, honest, protective, and always happy to see you. Scientists have evidence that dogs make us laugh more than cats, keep us active than anyone else, and even reduce the chances of our depression. If you need more persuasion, you or a family member, here are these powerful facts that encourage you to have a dog:

1. Dogs make us laugh.

According to a study published in the journal Society & Animals, people laugh with dogs the most. Researchers asked people who had dogs or cats, or both, or others to record the number of times they laughed for a day. In fact, these people who only have dogs or cats and dogs recorded the number of times they laughed, more than the other two groups.

2. Lethal dogs.

Domestic dogs originate between 18,000 and 32,000 years ago when they developed from wolves. Wolves are known to live in groups and develop strong bonds between members of society. Stephen Zawistowski, a scientific adviser at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, says dogs see humans as other members of their communities, so they form close ties with their owners as if they were their brothers and sisters.

3. We are more social with a dog.

A team of UK scientists at the Universities of Liverpool and Bristol found that dog owners living in the UK were more likely to communicate with other dogs and their owners than those without a dog, which is somewhat logical because dog owners go more for walks and are more likely to walk. With other dog owners. In addition, Americans are more likely to have a dog than other common pets, that is, a cat, which means there are more people to talk to about the dog’s annoying hair, its funny behaviors, and its comfortable hug.

4. Dogs keep us healthy.

Dogs may protect us from poor health, and reduce the risk of asthma and allergies in children born to a family with a dog. The reason is dust. Rats exposed to house dust in a dog inside and outside have developed a range of microbes that protect against allergens, a study published last year at the National Academy of Sciences says. In families with a dog.

5. We are more active with dogs.

Obesity is a major concern today, so it is important to exercise regularly. Researchers at Michigan State University in 2011 say that 60% of dog owners who take regular walks have received effective criteria from moderate or active exercise. In addition, older adults who take their dogs for walking get a more regular exercise routine and physical fitness than older people who walk with other people, according to a 2010 study published in the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services.

6. Dogs save lives.

Dogs are not the best friends of cats, but earlier this year a lucky cat in Florida was rescued through transfers from a dog. Some dogs have general blood groups, just like some humans, and when there is no proper cat blood around dogs, dogs can also help humans by acting as an early warning system for patients with seizures. Trained dogs can feel about for up to 15 minutes before they occur, barking and warning you to sit down afterward so that you do not suffer a fall. For example, it is still unknown how dogs predict a heart.

7. Dogs give us a feeling of desire.

Dogs are great companionship for anyone, especially for the elderly. A study published in the Journal of Social Psychology found that older people who have a dog feel more comfortable with their social, physical and emotional state than those without a dog.

8. Dogs give us confidence.

In another study, participants received dogs, which were evaluated after spending 10 months with their new owners. Overall, participants expressed a stronger sense of self-esteem, improved exercise habits, and reduced fear of crime.

9. Dogs make us really happy.

Just a simple action, such as eye contact with your furry friend, can produce oxytocin, giving us a good feeling. Who got free eye contact with their dogs.

In another study, dog owners who relied on dogs for social performance said they were “less depressed, less lonely, happier, more self-respecting, and less stressful.”

Having a dog is a great experience. In this case, you should first make sure that you are ready for responsibility before you start buying a dog. You should consider raising one for a few weeks to get an idea of ​​the schedule.

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