8 Main Differences Between True Love And a Crush

Eight main differences between true love and just a crush!

Have you ever had a crush or fallen in love in the heart of so many powerful emotions it can be hard to tell them apart a crush can feel like love but it might just be a passing fancies and before you know it you’ve moved on if you aren’t sure whether you feel love or a crush keep reading to learn how these two powerful forces differ and don’t forget to click the share button.

Number eight a crush is short-lived a crush can happen over night one day you can’t stand a boy in your class the next day you notice that he’s cute and now he’s all you canthink about you might get a crush onsomeone you barely know perhaps someone you’ve never even spoken to but when you see them your feelings are so strong that it’s like the whole world fades away and you’re sure you’re meant to be together for the rest of your lives your ability to make rational decisions might be impaired and you might feel like you love a person you don’t even know and who don’t know who you are at some point rationality might sink in and you’ll realize you aren’t attracted to that person a crush can end asquickly as it started in the space of a single day you can’t stop having a crush love however can’t be shut down in the same way crushes can fizzle out leaving you with a series of embarrassing stories and making you wonder what was I thinking but it can also develop into love in pursuit.

Number seven love develops over time when you think of the phrase fall in love it suggests that it’s something that happens over time with love comesintimacy and it takes a while to get to know a person at such an intimate level love occurs gradually it’s growing when you become friends with the other person when you discover the things your partner likes and when you see how you’re compatible and how your differences make you right for each other love focuses on factual knowledge of the other person crushes are more about having a fantastical idea about how someone is when you’re in love you know the good things and the bad things about the other person when you have a crush the idea of your crush having imperfections can be unimaginable how could anything be wrong with Kylie she’s absolutely perfect someone who is in love would notice how their partner is good at making them laugh and also how they can be so annoying with their constant talking about finances a person in love sees the full picture and decides to stick around to see more.

Number six a crush is like riding anemotional roller coaster if you’ve ever had a crush how did you feel you might have experienced amazing times when youfelt you could conquer the world andtake on any challenge life threw at youyou felt invincible and nothing couldget in your way because having a crushcauses so many powerful emotions it canfeel like you’re living in another planeof existence you might be so excitedabout your crash that you forget to eatand drink and you walk around thinkingabout them all the time sometimes even putting your safety in jeopardy it’s such an exciting time that you need to tell your friends your family and the cashier at the grocery store in a way having a crush is like floating onclouds elevating you sometimes even making you see the whole world throughrose-tinted glasses with the highs ofcrashes come the lows when you say goodbye to your crush after hanging out it can leave you feeling exhilarated but if you don’t see them for a while after that your mood can really drop maybe you don’t want to leave your room can’t bring yourself to go to a party because your crush won’t be there or your grades might take a dive because you’re distracted having a crush can be like having tunnel visions when your crush is at the end of the tunnel there’s a bright light in your life when your crush is absent it can be very hard to deal with these back and forth emotion scan be exhausting.

Number five love is steady and more balanced being in love is a more grounding experience instead of feeling like you’re floating on air you feel like your feet are steadily on the ground you get a different kind of power from being so solid as with a crush you also feel like you can take on the world but now it’s because you have a partner by your side who will help you through everything you’re still excited about seeing them but you’re also excited about your future plans when you part with your loved one you don’t get anxious, because you are protected by the knowledge that you love each other no matter the distance because the emotions are more steady overall instead of draining you like crushes love can actually become energizing

Number four people in love stick together through thick and thin couples in love already know what makes the other person tick and what difficulties they’re likely to face with each other when the first major relationship fight happens they don’t call it quits because the relationship is tied together with steady bonds and these bonds go beyond physical attraction it could be that they want to live in the same place share a passion for art or nerdy things or have similar career interests they’ve always had realistic expectations so they know that having differences in agoing through challenges and being upset with your partner are natural parts of life.

Number three love puts more focus on being who you are people who are in love and have gotten through the crush stage are comfortable facing each other as they really see each other without makeup or without nice clothes check kissing immediately after waking up morning breath and all check allowing the other person in when you feel most vulnerable check these are always couples who love each other show they are comfortable in each other’s presence and have decided to be who they truly are there isn’t a need to impress the other person with makeup perfect hair and fashionable clothes anymore staying in and wearing pajamas all day long is considered perfectly acceptable of course many couples decide to keep impressing each other physically once in love but only because they feel like it not because they think their relationship is founded on how they look.

Number two a crush can fade away when difficulties arise what happens if tomorrow you discover your crush actively dislikes your favorite band or when your crush acts short with you or is annoying a point always comes when you see how your crush truly is and you get to see all their flaws for someone with a crush the other person’s flaws might be too much to handle or more than they signed up for since they only signed up for fun and joy but there are others who learn of the flaws and decide to remain together.

Number one a crush focuses on appearancewhen you’re going to see your crush you might stand in front of the mirror twirling your hair and thinking abou thow you can make yourself look prettier sexier or cuter this is because a crush is all about appearance and how you come off when they see you physical attraction is strongly at play here you know that there are things about yourself you could never show your crush maybe things you consider to be imperfections like stretch marks unevenskin tone scars for your natural hair you’re convinced that if they saw themit would be too humiliating for you tobear you’d probably have to leave the country there’s a strong focus on how you look and how your crush looks every time you see them your palms get sweaty your heart starts pumping and the butterflies in your stomach start fluttering like crazy if you can draw apicture of your crush from memory but can’t say what their dreams are the hardships they’ve gone through and what they care about the most that suggest a crush over love loveincludes a deep insight into your partner’s personality if you have a crush and aren’t sure how to define it don’t worry too much about it both experiences are healthy fun and a normal part of life so tell us have you always been able to tell whether you have a crush or you love someone let us know in the comments section don’t forget to share it with your friends.