4 Summer Dangers for Cats

Summer is the one thing on our minds in the long and difficult winter. Though shrouded in sunscreen, I can’t wait to feel the sun on my skin and feel the blood coming back to my limbs. Chances are that your cat will also be excited about summer.

Although outdoor risks to cats are year-round, cats in the glorious summer weather have more dangerous exposure, when owners may be tempted to let cats wander outside. (Instead, Catster suggests building a catio.) With summer, there is a danger hiding around every corner, from UV rays to heatstroke and reptiles and insects, along with other pets that bite and sting,
Parasite carriers. Let’s take a look at some of the major difficulties.



With warmer weather, your cat will start tossing a fluffy winter coat into a more manageable, lighter summer coat. This shedding may lead to more dire concerns or hairballs. Lynn Paolillo, the National Pet Groomers Institute’s certified feline professional groomer and certified feline innovative groomer, shares that cats will consume upwards of a third of the amount of fur they shed. This can result in vomiting or hairballs, and even some harmful blockages that require veterinary treatment. “She adds, however, that” daily combing, washing, and brushing extracts the hair until it can be swallowed, avoiding hairballs or more serious problems.


Although this makes you think about grooming your cat or giving it a buzz cut, cats living indoors with temperature-controlled rooms do not need haircuts, as long as their excess coat or tangles are regularly removed by brushing. This daily bathing and brushing avoid mattresses that might lead to overheating. If a cat is already matt or is more susceptible to mattresses and does well with haircuts, then a skilled cat groomer trim will help with preventive maintenance, according to Lynn. Regular brushing, regardless of fur length or form, should be a high priority even for indoor cats during these seasonal changes.

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