25 Facts About Cats That’ll Make You Love Them

Number 10

it was only around the Middle Ages when cat folklore turned dark during this time cats were thought to be accomplices of witches and black magic.

Number 11

The pussy-willow got its name from yet another legend involving cat sit went something like this a mother cat was crying near a river one day because her kittens fell into the water and she knew she’d never been able to retrieve them it was at this moment that some Reed’s bent over into the water so that the kittens could use them to climb out to safety ever since then the reeds grow these velvety blooms at the top as a reward for their kind act by the way in case you’re wondering Galore from the James Bond movie Gold finger had nothing to do with a cat.

Number 12

The waving Maneki Neko cat figurines you might come across an East Asian storefront were born from a legend about a cat at the go-to Koo Chi temple in Japan it was standing in the doorway of the temple watching passers-by and raised its paws at around the same time a feudal lord was walking by seemingly calling him into the temple as the Lord entered the temple the spot where he had been standing just moments before was struck by lightning the Lord believed that the cat saved his life and to this day the beckoning cat is still seen as a symbol of success and happiness and when given as a gift they’re considered to bring good luck all right cats do have a rich history and human culture but let’s move on and talk about their superpowers from their bodies to their senses to the way they communicate cats are truly living Marvel’s.

Number 13

You’ve likely heard about the neck cat’s half are always landing on their feet no matter how far they fall this is called a righting reflex and it’s basically their innate ability to orient themselves as they’re falling combined with their super flexible spine and collarbone.