25 Facts About Cats That’ll Make You Love Them

Number 5

American novelist Ernest Hemingway was also known for his collection of polydactyl also known as six-toed cats that still live on his estate in Key West Florida to this day man those are some really old cats Oh all of them are thought to be descendants of the original polydactyl cat named Snow White that was given to him by a ship captain now you can’t talk about cats without mentioning the mystery and legends that surround him.

Number 6

You probably understand by now that the early Egyptians really loved their cats but did you know they even worshiped cat goddesses the most notable ones were named Bastet and math dead and they were used for protection Egyptians thought that Bastet manifested physically as a cat and protected Egypt from invasion just like a cat protects its owner’s home.

Number 7

In China, they have a similar cat goddess named Lee Chou according to the folklore Lee Chou was given the responsibility of overseeing world affairs but when she decided to take a nap instead typical cat that responsibility was then turned over to humans.

Number 8

In Slavic mythology, it was believed that a barn cat named ova neck was the protector of crops and livestock they also said that OVA neck would even burn down the homes of any evildoers aah beware the cat with matches.

Number 9

Free via the Scandinavian goddess of the crops rode on a chariot that was pulled by cats would you think I was gonna say dogs or something.