11 Signs Your Cat Is Happy

Anyone who has ever had a cat is going to agree: they are funny creatures. They’re rubbing up against you one minute, hiding in the closet the next. They love to snuggle, but only according to their circumstances. And when you are rushing out the door, they seem to want the most attention. But what makes them so great is that.

How can you say if your cat is really happy with all of this mixed messaging?

The following actions and body language signs typically suggest that your cat is most likely happy and, most importantly, healthy, even if all animals are different.

11.They Have a Good Appetite


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Kitty is in a good mood with a balanced appetite. But if the appetite of the kitty is too healthy, it may be a sign she’s bored, sad, or lonely,

If your cat continues to show less interest in food, you would also like to contact your vet.

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