11 Pieces of Advice for a First Time Cat Owner

You’ve known since childhood that you’re a cat guy. For their aloof independence and their willingness to sleep for a whole day without embarrassment, you’ve always loved cats. The day has finally come for you to bring your first cat home and become a pet owner for the first time. You’re excited about the moon, of course, but you’re probably a little anxious, too, about seeing a cat for the first time.

This is our roadmap to the things to know before getting a cat-our top ten practical tips for first-time cat owners to ensure that you all go smoothly through this transition!

11.Set Up a Safe Place for Your New Kitty


Set up a comfortable spot for him to hang out while he gets acquainted with you and his new world before you bring your new kitty home. This area can be a cat condo, such as an extra bedroom or laundry room, or a small room. Set up a comfortable and cozy enclosed area with its food, water, toys, bed, and litter box. He’ll enjoy having a safe, quiet place to go, particularly if you have kids in your home or other pets.

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