10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

10.Hawaii Volcanoes


Guests flock to Hawaii for their best sample of the leisurely life on the island. The attractions here are obvious with the sea, the sand and the surf abundant. But do not make a mistake: paradise has trouble. An ongoing hazard is Hawaiian active volcanoes. For example, take Kilauea. This is certainly an amazing view. However, it is also classified as the most dangerous volcano in the USA and it is advisable to always exercise caution to plan a trip to Big Island.

Since 1983, Kilauea has exploded and nobody knows if he could blow his hat. Factor in the other active volcanoes of Hawaii, including Mauna Loa, Hualalai, and Mauna Kea, and this is obviously dangerous. Has a new lava flow been discovered? Wear proper shoes, and keep to the designated pathways always. Don’t get too close. Recently cooled lava fields can collapse without warning into the ocean, and the consequences can be terrible for those who take a chance with Hawaiian volcanoes.

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