10 Foods You Shouldn’t Give to Your Cat No Matter How Pitifully It Asks

Cats can’t taste sweet things. Often, certain foods are not only tasteless to them but also very harmful to their health. So, while we think we’re good owners, we might potentially hurt them. There are many foods that are harmful to our cats, and we need to pay attention to them, and it’s always safer to be careful than to be sorry.

Cats-eden Wanted your cats well and wants them to live a healthy and long life, so we decided to give you 10 kinds of food that you should prevent feeding them.

10.Milk and dairy products


Most adult cats have lactose intolerance. Although they may like the taste of milk and dairy products, they should never be fed because it is very harmful to their stomachs. Milk ingestion can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. If your cat is thirsty, give it some water instead.

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